“We’re making a poster that celebrates an event

taking place 250 years in the future.“

Micheal Ogden & Peter Dean, Co-Founders, 2269

We had the pleasure of creating this electrifying film to promote The 2269 Poster and it’s kickstarter campaignThe 2269 poster is a high concept, experimental print that celebrates an event taking place 250 years in the future. The only way to make the event happen is to own the poster and pass it on through the generations. The 2269 poster is beautifully foil-blocked on heavy, archival paper and every single print is individually numbered.

We worked closely with co-creators Peter Dean and Michael Ogden on the script and overall concept for the film. We developed the inky, chromatic aberration effect to hint at the printing process whilst keeping a magical look and feel. The motion graphics had to be a true representation of the final product as the posters will be sold online. We took great care designing the visual effect of the foil to ensure the look was authentic.

Joe expertly crafted our 2269 promotional video with us,

bringing a keen eye for compelling visual imagery, a flair for producing quality VFX

Michael Ogden, Co-Founder, 2269

“The digital representation of foil is sublime,

it’s the closest thing to the genuine product but as a digital production“

Jaime Evans, Marketing Manager, Foilco

Joe and his team are bursting with ideas. They care about the quality of their craft.

Their diligence ensures a smooth and painless production from concept through to delivery.

Peter Dean, Co-Founder, 2269

Lennon’s poster

Our past work with the creative team behind the 2269 poster includes our documentary short ‘Lennon’s Poster’ which was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick and was selected for numerous film festivals. The film followed Peter Dean and his quest to recreate the famous circus poster that inspired John Lennon to write ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite’ on the Sergeant Pepper album.

Stephen Hawking’s Time Travellers Invitation

More recently we created an epic steampunk typographical animation for the Stephen Hawking endorsed Time Travellers Invitation. Professor Hawking devised an ingeniously simple experiment to prove whether time travel to the past was possible. He held a reception for time travellers, but didn’t publicise it until after it had happened. This way, only those who could travel back in time would be able to attend. The success of this experiment depended entirely on the invitation poster being seen by time travellers.

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