Project Description

Television advert for Channel 4’s make-over show Drag SOS. The trailer features glittering new version of the British national anthem ‘God Save All Queens’.

What we did

We made the Queen briefly lip sync to the line ‘God save all queens’ whilst appearing on the side of a mug. To create the visual effect we firstly had to create a unique painted image of the queen. This was done my using multiple layers and ‘actions’ in photoshop to get the right painted look.

Clip from the advert

Then we filmed an actor’s mouth lip-syncing to the line ‘God save all queens’ and mapped the movement of the mouth and face onto the Queen’s face. Next we superimposed the mouth on top of the Queens face so it appeared she was singing.

The final stage of the visual effect was to put the singing Queen animation onto the mug in the live action shot featured in the television advert. We tracked the mug and painted out the tracking mark then composited the animation into place.


Watch the whole fantabulous advert below.

Full length advert

Barry Dyer
Animation Director
Joe Fellows
ProducerMadeleine Smith
VFXMake Productions
Colour grade