Project Description

Visual Effects shot for Kenwood TVC and cinema ad. The ‘Feed your imagination’ commercial required a VFX shot that transitioned from a photo within a kitchen into a smart phone in another kitchen abroad. In the commercial we see the unique features and versatility of the Chef Titanium XL enable consumers to create more than they would have ever previously imagined with a kitchen appliance.

What we did

We created the visual effects shot in the intro of the commercial. Firstly we selected the best shots from rushes and stabilised them. We tracked and rotoscoped to create mattes and fills for the frame and phone. Finally we added glass texture and reflections before compositing the image into a picture frame and screen replacement on the smart phone.  The end result is a seamless transition.

Below is a split screen version of the shot showing the finished vfx shot and the original rushes after stabilising.

Split screen vfx shot

 Agency Big dog
Production Company Tinderflint
James Lovick
Beck Griffiths
Visual EffectsMake Productions