Project Description

Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK teamed up to launch this national fundraising event to galvanise the public in the fight against cancer. The on-air season built over a whole week on Channel 4, culminating in a live fundraising entertainment extravaganza.

What we did

Make Productions  took elements from SU2C‘s branding and came up with simple vignettes that visually explain the premise of the event. We designed and animated the kinetic typography and the ‘Stickman’ which help bind the campaign together whilst adding some lightness to a serious issue. David Abraham, Channel 4 CEO, described the campaign as  a “Remarkable piece of communication”.

20 second show trail

40 second trail

Alternate 60 second trail

Agency 4 Creative
 Barry Dyer
 Creative Director
 Neil Gorringe
Animation Director
 Joe Fellows
Producer Tabby Harris
Motion Graphics Make Productions
 Marketing Manager
 Charlie Palmer
Rich Martin – Envy