Project Description

Steampunk style promotional video for Kite Prints Time Travellers poster. The 3D text is taken from a high resolution scan of a letterpress printed poster created by Peter Dean with the approval of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. The prints were recently exhibited at London’s Royal Academy shown by TAG Fine Arts.

Professor Hawking devised an ingeniously simple experiment to prove whether time travel to the past was possible. He held a reception for time travellers, but didn’t publicise it until after it had happened. This way, only those who could travel back in time would be able to attend. The success of this experiment depends entirely on the invitation poster being seen by time travellers.

What we did

We had the pleasure of creating this atmospheric motion graphics spot for Kite Print. Audio taken from the Discovery Channels’s “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” Time Travel.

Peter Dean with Stephen Hawking



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 Joe Fellows
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