Project Description

Trailer for Channel 4 programme ‘Meet the Trumps’ which explored the history of the Trump family. At the time producers did not have access to footage from the show so a graphical solution was needed. 

What we did

Firstly we came up with the creative of the ‘over head projector’ which  aligned itself perfectly with the investigative archival nature of the television programme .  We used live action footage of a projector being used and composited still images from the production company into the shots. Some of the still images had to be carefully photoshopped in order to create a layered acetate effect.

We also had some great feedback from the agency 4 Creative:
“The production company’s creative director David Glover, as well as the program’s commissioner and the creative directors at 4Creative have all said how awesome the Trump trail job is. well done for turning it around so promptly and efficiently and most importantly, artfully, creatively, beautifully! “
Agency 4 Creative
 Dahlan Lassalle
Animation Director
 Joe Fellows
ProducerLuke Fraser
Visual Effects Make Productions
Concept Make Productions