United Way
Television Campaign

United Way
Television Campaign


United Way Canada’s 2015 national television campaign. United Way campaigns raise money for local groups that address community issues. 

What we did

Canada’s influential agency TAXI approached Make’s founder, Joe Fellows to co-direct the TV spot with award winning photographer and director Derek Shapton from Toronto’s Westside studio. We also had the honour of creating the visual effects for United Way Canada’s campaign.

Make’s post production process used the parallax animation technique and morphing technology in order to bring life to still photographs. Fellows and Shapton shot the campaign in a way that enabled them to set up the layers in real life. Shooting clean back plates, capturing specific foreground and background objects for set dressing as well as isolating the main characters. The TV campaign also required there to be a rack focus in the final commercial, this meant that everything had to be shot in focus so Make could mimic the change in focus in post production and create that cinematic depth of field.

Agency TAXI
Derek Shapton & Joe Fellows
Animation Director
Joe Fellows
Producer  Phaedra Kennedy
Broadcast Producer Nicole Poon
Copywriter Jake Bogoch
Director of Photography Derek Shapton
Creative Director Steve Mykolyn
Art Director Yuko Brown
Print Production Director Sharon Govang
Stylist  Cheryl Thompson
Assistants  Jon Brown, Gabe Nivera, Peter Olson
Production Company  Westside Studio