Project Description

TVC & Brand film for Yettel. Formerly known as Telenor one of the biggest Telecoms in Central Eastern Europe, Yettel has been entirely rebranded by SomeOne. Their aim was to create a more digitally relevant brand for the future.

What we did

Things ‘shaped up’ great working alongside the team at SomeOne. We worked tirelessly on thinking up scenes that were able to convey the scripts message but at the same time remaining minimal and slick. We crafted multiple versions of the animated films using simple geometric shapes and Yettel’s striking colour palette. We collaborated with SomeOne at every step, from the initial creative, through to storyboarding and script edits. Using hand animation and physics simulations, our motion graphics vignettes neatly convey the overarching message of when technology is ‘balanced with life’.

“Make’s passion and attention to detail brought to life our simple shapes

in a charming and beautifully crafted animation“

Laura Hussey, Founder & Executive Creative Director - SomeOne
Exec Creative Director
Laura Hussey
Exec Strategic Director
Gary Holt
Creative DirectorShaun Turnbull
Lead AnimatorJoe Fellows
AnimatorChris Cousins
Programme DirectorRosanna Warrington