Congratulations to all the speakers in the ‘Rapid Fire’ session that ended a fabulous first day at Promaxbda Europe 2014. Make Productions founder Joe Fellows gave a fun talk on ‘Faces in Things’ which is a Twitter feed displaying images of found faces. Joe’s talk also explained the effects of Pareidolia and why we see faces in things. (Image courtesy of West One Music Group – Dinko Lacic talks at the ‘Rapid Fire’ session)

Below is a selection of slides from Joe’s talk. To see more faces and join in the fun start following @facespics on Twitter.

faces in thing @facespics


romantic tomato sprig and seductive parsnip


This is the guy you want protecting the corner of your wall


after guzzling detergent you would look like this


especially love the stoned food mixer


My cactus has a message for you!


(Thank you to all the twitter users photographs featured in the slides)